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As part of a cultural promotion project, the Rotary Club of Bad Tölz has organized and financed the first ROTARY JAZZ NIGHT, which premieres on Youtube on Wednesday, 17.02.21.
The video, recorded on 23.01.21 in the Kurhaus in Bad Tölz, was professionally produced for the stream by regional companies. The high-class band features the Canadian singer Nina Michelle, Hugo Siegmeth on saxophones and the wonderfully swinging rhythm group with Daniel Eppinger, Karsten Gnettner and Stephan Eppinger. To the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/_3hnszTGEFs

Celebrated premiere of "Traces to Nowhere" at the Brucknerhaus Linz

"Traces To Nowhere" is based on the third chamber symphony by the Georgian composer Sulchan Nassidse, which is re-composed by Markus Poschner and expanded to include improvisational parts for saxophone and piano. The premiere on 18.10.20 in the sold-out Brucknerhaus in Linz was preceded by an exciting introduction with Norbert Trawöger, Artistic Director of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz.

"The improvisational and emotional contributions of Hugo Siegmeth on the saxophone and on the bass clarinet are magnificent. Markus Poschner switched from the conductor's desk to the piano and conjured up delicate episodes at the piano." (Kronenzeitung)

WINTERREISE (Oehmsclassics 1898)

Stefan Hunstein, Axel Wolf and Hugo Siegmeth  form an intensely charged trio. In this case, this is the true wording, for these recordings were not made like those of an instrumental trio. Hunstein did not recite the texts separately, but ‘live’ to the music, and the two musicians responded to his respective tone spon- taneously. This produced an immediately palpable vitality and an emphatic vehemence: The "Winterreise" as a radio play with music and a text full of highly emotional moments is the outcome of this tangible spontaneity.

Roland Spiegel, BR-Klassik



Spotify - Artist account!

The new Spotify artist account of Hugo Siegmeth is currently published. There you will also find compositions from the soundtrack to the movie "Kill me today, tomorrow I'm sick!". Have fun listening and browsing!

Tour with Axel Wolf & Hugo Siegmeth in Turkey October 2019

With concerts and workshops in Adana and Ankara on behalf of the Goethe Institute.
MeetingTurkish musicians and the encounter of the western lute with its sister, the unbundled oriental oud, will be exciting.



´s pure Lebn


"Very, Very charming" (SZ)


The BAYRISCH JAZZ GROUP presents its first CD "´s pure Lebn" in January 2019. It includes Bavarian folk classics, a Bebop Version of the famous "Bayerische Defiliermarsch", and also Songs like Willy Michl's "Isarflimmern", played in colours of Modern Jazz.





Jazz and Renaissance - Improvisations inspired by poems and pictures

 "Lutenist Axel Wolf and saxophonist Hugo Siegmeth take us into the wonderful world of improvisation between Renaissance and jazz" (Klassikcast Goethe-Institut)


The new album "NOW", following the successful CD FLOW and co-produced with BR-Klassik, was released by OehmsClassics in autumn 2018. All tunes are inspired by thematic suggestions of jazz journalist Roland Spiegel.



Impressions of the master class and collaboration with artists at the College of Arts TASUBA in Bagamoyo / Tanzania. Together we launched an intercultural concert program in October 2018 on behalf of "Musicians for a Better Life" - with participation of Tanzaniian and German artists as well as a massai choir. We have gained deep insights into the rhythmic world of African music, which is inextricably linked to traditional dance. Thank you!

The performance "Momentmalerei - this very other moment/No.3", Künstlerhaus Munich from 23.09.18.

Photographed by Peter Wiesmeier. The dance by Laura Tiffany Schmid interacts with the projected live-paintings of Anja Verbeek von Loewis and the music of the DUO FLOW.

The "Lehrer Big Band Bayern" touring in Peru for two weeks - a big success!
A total of seven concerts and several workshops in theatres, German schools in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and at Machu Picchu. With focus on intercultural encounters and exchange - e.g. in the the joint performance with the Peruvian Air Force Orchestra in Lima, where modern big band jazz and Afro-Peruvian rhythms sat down.

What a brilliant start for Markus Poschner as chief conductor of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz at the big concert evening of The Ars Electronica on September 10 in Linz! The concert took place in the large distribution hall of Postcity in front of 1400 spectators. Markus Poschner "shines at the balancing act between Bruckner's Eighth and Free Jazz". Absolutely special to perform alongside Nguyen Le, Harald Scharf, Bastian Jütte and the Maestro himself. Photos as indicated by Tom Mesic and Reinhard Winkler.

alpha-Forum: Axel Wolf & Hugo Siegmeth           

Moderation: Roland Spiegel

In their joint CD "Flow: Jazz and Renaissance – from Italy to Brazil" (2015), Axel Wolf and Hugo Siegmeth combine Renaissance music with jazz, lute with saxophone. Click here for the media library.

Choo Joo - Ogt Orgui  over half a million views 

The video of his song  Ogt Orgui , with extensive saxophone solo by Hugo Siegmeth, has reached over half a million views on Youtube. Exciting news from the collaboration with the Mongolian singer-songwriter Choo Joo!


"Hugo Siegmeth proves how harmonious and above all lively the combination of folk music and jazz can be. He could not escape the charm and diversity of this genre. The simple, beautiful folk song "Almruf", which at first sounds tender about meadows, becomes a jazzy improvisation. Siegmeth loves the fast bars, transforms three-quarters into five-eighths, including the text. It sounds quite turbulent, but very, very charming." (SZ-review, 31.10.16)


An very lively encounter of Bavarian music with jazz of a special kind was to be heard, on October 29, 2016 in Fürstenfeldbruck, when Ulrich Habersetzer from Bayerischer Rundfunk invites you to the "Hoagart".

Current CD:


Jazz and Renaissance - From Italy to Brazil

To be heard live e.g. on September 25, 2016 at the KUBIZ in Unterhaching.




Funding Award "Förderpreis Musik München" for Hugo Siegmeth 2015

"Hugo Siegmeth's is a gifted melodist with a touching and approachable sound... In his music, the epochs meet quite harmoniously, captivatingly logically and yet soundfully surprising. The ideal of classical music is reflected in the technical perfection and the beauty of sound, combined with the spontaneity and improvisational spirit of jazz."
(Jury Award for Music of the State Capital Munich)