"The Bayrisch Jazz Group proves how harmonious and above all lively the combination of Bavarian traditional music and jazz can be... very, very charming!

Süddeutsche Zeitung

The BAYRISCH JAZZ GROUP presents its first CD "´s pure Lebn".


All played in the idiom of Modern Jazz, it includes Bavarian typical folk classics, a Bebop Version of the famous "Bayerische Defiliermarsch", as well as songs like Willy Michl's "Isarflimmern".


"Hugo Siegmeth stands for a generation of musicians who manage to combine different musical styles with the sound worlds of jazz with impressive ease.

In his very own art and with the active support of his virtuoso colleagues, Siegmeth traces the intricacies of Bavarian culture of life and music."
Joseph Liebl, Director Musikfest Spielberg


"Very, Very charming" 

Sueddeutsche Zeitung


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