Tour dates

January 2020


14., Di, Premiere Cinema: "Kill me today, tomorrow I´m sick!"

Cinema premiere of the tragic comedy "Kill me today, tomorrow I´m sick!", awarded with the "Silver Zenith Montreal World Film Festival 2018". The screenplay is inspired by the diary notes of Henriette Schroeder, who went to Kosovo in 1999 for the OSCE. Soundtrack R. Papst & H. Siegmeth

Babylon, Berlin


29., Do, Bayer. Staatsministerium für Wohnen, Bau & Verkehr

Swinging Jazz Feeling at the opening of the exhibiion with the duo "Mood Indigo"

Business event - private function.

February 2020


02., So, "Out Of The Box"  mit dem Duo FLOW, 16 h -19 h

 "Lutenist Axel Wolf and saxophonist Hugo Siegmeth take us into the wonderful world of improvisation between Renaissance and jazz" (Klassikcast Goethe-Institut)

Finest music and chocolate creations to the festival final

Chocion, Speicherstr. 7, Werksviertel München

March 2019


05., Do., BAYRISCH JAZZ GROUP goes Staatsbibliothek München

Bavarian jazz sounds for the opening of the exhibition "München. SCHAU her!"

mit groovenden Zwiefachen und frechen Bayerischen Liedern.

Business event - private function


07., Sa., Kulinarisches Konzert mit Filmmusik-Klassikern 19 h

The duo Golden Notes presents selected film music classics like Miss Marple, James Bond or Jacques Clouseau from Pink Panther, in the Restaurant Hardthaus, known for its exceptional cuisine.

Hardthaus Kraiburg


08., So., Saxophon-Workshop "Develop Your Sound!" 10 - 16 h

Work on your sound, articulation, embouchure, breath technique...

Berufsfachschule für Musik Altötting


 24., Di, Tax Goes Sax - CANCELLED

Annual, easy swinging opening night of the "Münchner Steuerfachtagung" in the Park Hilton with "Sir Cornway´s Jazz Connection".

Business event - private function

April 2020


02.04.-18.04. Concert Tour Lehrer Big Band Bayern goes Argentinia & Chile - CANCELLED

Concerts in Patagonia, Buenos Aires, as well as in El Calafate, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego with focus on intercultural encounters and exchange.

Lehrer Big Band Bayern


25. Lange Nacht der Musik  - PASSACAGLIA  live in St. Paul - CANCELLED, postponed to 8th of May 2021

The intrinsic musical flow of the Passacaglia is the main feature which binds Hugo Siegmeth´s treatment of the music and represents the common thread along which he intertwines the classical approach, contemporary music, jazz and improvisation.

St. Paul, München


30., Sa., "Golden Notes in Concert, 20.30 h
- CANCELLED, postponed to 17th of September 2020

Film music classics such as Miss Marple, James Bond or Jacques Clouseau from Pink Panther presented themselves with joy and esprit from the exquisite duo Golden Notes

Feinsinn Bioladen, Mühldorf


Coming Soon (hopefully)


CD-Release WINTERREISE (Hunstein Siegmeth Wolf)

The surprising adaptation of Franz Schubert's music to the poems of Wilhelm Müller's cycle "Winterreise" - with spoken poems improvisational reflections of Schubert's own composition.

OehmsClassics (OC1898)


04.07.2020 Soloist with the Bruckner Orchestra Linz at Stift St. Florian, Linz (A) 

An encounter of improvisation and symphonic music with the Bruckner Orchestra Linz under the direction of Markus Poschner.

Stift St. Florian, Linz (A)